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Narok County To Benefit from Investment Deals worth Ksh 54 billion

Posted in National News

Narok County may benefit from investments worth Shs 54billion if the deals signed at the recent “Invest Mara Conference’’.

Narok County Governor Samuel Tunai signed partnership deals between his government and various investors, in such areas as agriculture (Shs 25.5 billion), education (1.53 billion), healthcare (4.18 billion) and energy (15.3 billion. Tourism also attracted investors who made pledges.

Flooded Narok Town: Both National and County Governments should intervene

“This investment summit has resulted in tangible deals which will be followed up with the prospective investors,"    the Governor told the media at the end of the conference held at the Mara Serena.


Bitter land rows in Central Kenya claim lives

Posted in National News

President Uhuru Kenyatta presents a title deed to one of the shareholders, Mary NjeriConflicts over land in Central Kenya threaten to get out of hand, resulting in brutal deaths as families, shareholders and property developers go for one another’s necks.

In Muranga and Kiambu counties, which have witnessed many killings lately, wrangles over land go back many years ago but some of the more recent and deadly cases can be traced back from 25 years ago.

Some of the controversies of the land issues are from the Kihiu- Mwiri land buying company, Mboi-Kamiti Land Company, and Githunguri Ranching Company.


Central Kenya Continues to Grapple with Effects of Illicit Brews

Posted in National News

The future of the youths in Central Kenya is bleak, risking a whole generation due to consumption of illicit brews. The most affected are those between 20-45 years.

Alcohol continues to ruin families with many youths engaging in uncontrolled consumption. Many of them neglect their families and skip both formal employment and farm work. Couples are no longer taking their marital responsibilities seriously as husbands are normally too drunk to engage with their wives.

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